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He was a child at a time before the war. He was a teen when the war started.

His mother and him where out getting food when she was murdered in front of him, after her killer noticed him they killed him as well.

He woke up in a room with 3 shadowy figures around him, they whispered among themselves before drawing their attention to the confused cat.

They told him he would be given a second chance at life, as long as he was able to be of use to them.

He took this offer.

Bat wings grew from his back and the natural green of his eyes faded to pure white, he was told that he will be kept in the demon realm until he had learned how to fight, fly, and protect.

He went thru military like training until he was deemed worthy of service.

His first job was simply to comfort an orphaned kitten named Maya, he stayed with her for years before she passed away of illness.

After that, he was assigned to protect Ashiline Carter. The newest Moon Seer.

Favourite Food

Favourite Color


Protector. His job is to keep Ashiline alive as long as possible.

Failing this job will caused himself to also die.



Relationship Protector of
Male · Cat · Questioning · Gemini
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A tiny shy seer
30/11/2016 23:02

Extra Details

His soul is linked to Ashiline. If Ashiline dies, so does he.

Body Colors

Extra Attributes

He wears a moon necklace the matches Ashilines.

He has bat like wings and a light gray fluff at the tip of his tail.

When he is overly stressed or angry his eyes would leak blood.

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