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He grew up in a bad town. He lived with his mother until he was 13, bandits broke into his house. They where sent by a coworker of his father who was done wrong.

They're job was to kiddnap the small deer and his mother. It wasn't meant to go far, just to scare His father a bit.

It all went wrong when one of the men hired for the job went rogue.

He shot Stelors mother, when the others reacted to their partners actions they allowed the child to slip away. He ran, tears in his eyes and heart beating like a drum.

He didn't get fair. Two shots, one in each eye.

He would have died right there if it wasn't for a woman, who had studied magic and smelled of roses.  Saved the young deer's life. Sadly saving his eyes was out of her control.

He lived with her after that. A two year spell of happiness and recovery. She clothed and fed him, gave him a warm bed and soft bubble baths. He followed her like a lost child, her rose sent gave him safety and peace.

As said tho. It was only a two year spell.

After those years, when he was 16, the once loving mother like woman who had saved him turned.

She began to become abusive and manipulative. She would curse the child and push him around relentlessly. The once calming smell of roses turned into a sour memory. The smell that once made him feel safe now filled him with fear.

He couldn't take it. He ran way.

He didn't care if he was blind. He didn't care if he was basically running to his own death. He didn't care what happened, he wanted to get away from the roses.

Body Colors

Extra Attributes

He has these hoof covers that look like claws. They help him feel around and defend himself, and he got them from a deer who met him a year after he ran away.

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Small blind deer bab

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He IS blind. He is easily startled because of it, and he might need help to get around.