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OC Reviews?

Hey! Want your character reviewed? Or just want some ideas for em? Well i have a friend who can help! Her youtube is Roaring Roxys, I'm actually going over some of my ocs with her right now. Hit her up if you're intrested~
27/09/2017 22:05

❤~Update~❤ Please Read

❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ I still have one slot open on my YCH! YCH! {/Lizziescott/view/97208} It's free all you have to do is post your fursona ref ON THE ORIGINAL YCH POST. Aside from that. I still really need feedback on some of my OCS. I want to better myself with my character creating but I ...
17/03/2017 17:03

Oc Review

Hey guys! I want to ask you guys something.... I want opinions on my characters. I just want to know how well I'm doing in character creation. Just please, pick on of my characters, any of em. And give a review. And reviews will be greatly appreciated....
11/03/2017 04:53

Katz Chapter 2

The next day I woke up to Stean staring at me, "......not creepy at all huh?...." I said, he 'rolled his eyes' "oh hush, I was making sure you didn't have any cuts." He picked up an apple and handed it to me "eat." I took the apple and tilted my head, but ate even tho it was awkward. Stean sat do...
04/03/2017 06:48
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I haven't posted in a while...again. This time its no because of depression tho. Its because I haven't been drawing much furry art. I have art but because its not furry I'm not sure about posting it here. Stay with me, I'm just bad at keeping schedule
13/02/2017 15:36
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Cat furry

A lot of people outside the furry fandom question why most curries are cats or wolfs. And I've been asked before why my fursona is a cat and not a skunk or goat (skunks and goats are my favorite animals) Well, my reason for being a cat is because cats fit my personality. I'm easily distracted, my...
31/01/2017 16:52
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About the low activity....

So I don't know of anyone noticed but I ha not been posting a lot recently. I feel like I should say something to explain why. In the last week or so I've been kinda stressed due to school and my depression has been acting up a lot. I'm second guessing myself in a lot of things (one being my rela...
23/01/2017 06:29
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Kats ~Intro~

Okay, this is the first I guess chapter of my original story. The misspelling of the word cat is fully intended. The characters are feral cats, but they talk and for the most part act human. It takes place during a war, more info on that later. Enjoy..
11/01/2017 20:06
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If I posted an originall story here using some of my characters, who would actually read it? Because I do want to post my stories but not if no ones gonna even glance over it.
10/01/2017 17:23
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Midterms! Urgh. Probably won't post much this week, idk. Just test and all that jazz ;m;
12/12/2016 13:30


Christmas themed YCHs!
07/12/2016 17:18


This is just a journal to explain how seers and demons work in my au. Characters related to this are Ashiline and Stean (both mine) Seers: There are 4 different kinds of seer. The Moon Seer (Ashiline), the Sun Seer , the Star Seer, and the Color Seer. The Color Seer's blood line has been d...
01/12/2016 00:29