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CURRENTLY: Figuring out this new site

Welcome to my page, I'll be uploading some of my work soon
I'm not a very social creature, but I don't bite either. 
I train horses irl
Sarcasm is a daily part of a healthy breakfast
And I'm a huge nerd. So are you. We're twins now.
I'm chill with any pronouns
Steve Buscemi is based god


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Species: neko
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Species: Wolf/Dragon
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Replic posted to Lo

19/07/2015 18:12

Welcome to furiffic :) awesome work as well :) if you have any questions, ask them ^^, have a awesome day :D

Lo · 19/07/2015 20:13 · 1 Reply

Thanks! You have a great day as well! :D

Replic · 19/07/2015 20:14

Thank you ^^