Bacon the Human is feeling Impressed
Artist Type: 3D Modeller

I make or create"Garrys Mod" type of images.
If you enjoy my so called work, thank you. If you don't that is also fine, I do all these for pure fun and amusement.


Unlike most people on the site, my work is done by using "Garry's Mod" found on Steam. Simple game engine which uses the same words as Half Life 2 uses with the ability to make your own world..etc.
So let get to know myself a little. Call me LordzBacon, Bacon, Baconbits (trying to be cute) or...yeah just Bacon is fine. Why the name Bacon? Because who in the world doesn't like bacon...of anything. silly name for a silly and weird guy so don't dig to deep into it.


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Female · Digimon · Questioning ·
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Nicknames Rena
Typical renamon with features of a human female.
13/06/2017 08:17


Male · Human · Heterosexual · Sagittarius
Role-playing Friends
Semi normal human who likes to chat and makes new friends or mates.
10/06/2017 07:17


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JermaineJDragon32 posted to Bacon

10/06/2017 23:27

Hey thanks for the fave and nice avatar too hehe I love bacon!~ x3

Bacon · 11/06/2017 02:09

Who doesnt love bacon :D

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