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Hey there everybody, I've been in the fandom for roughly four years now, I'm 19 and I've owned my suit lucid fox for roughly two years or so. I'm an anthro artist based in Queensland, Australia. I'm pretty friendly so feel free to swing me a message if you have any questions or you'd just like to chat :) Lucid fox was made by The Menagerie Costumes, They're based in Australia. Almost nothing makes me uncumfortable so dont feel like you have to tip toe around me with sensitive issues. I'm looking at opening for paypal commissions in the very near future.


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Lucid fox

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23/05/2016 13:00

Aldous the tentacle dog

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23/05/2016 12:59


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Terry J. Pendragon

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Kayto_Krystal posted to Lucid_fox

30/05/2016 20:26

 Thanks for the sub ♥

Ylveerax posted to Lucid_fox

26/05/2016 11:57

Thanks a lot for the sub, I really appreciate it! :3

Lucid_fox · 26/05/2016 23:09

Any time [emot=4]

Duo Theus posted to Lucid_fox

26/05/2016 10:55

~gives the fox a special though gentle butt slap~ Thanks for the subscription, and everyone gets at least one unless I like them or they ask for more

Lucid_fox · 26/05/2016 12:56 · 1 Reply

Ahah, well thank you XD [emot=4]

Duo Theus · 26/05/2016 13:02

Very welcome mate ~gives another butt slap and giggles~ Only because I like you and you are pretty cool, plus you like butts too and did not mind my flirting, so yay!!!

Lucid_fox · 26/05/2016 23:08 · 1 Reply

ahah XD well thank you. [emot=19]Yeah it's fine, I don't particularly mind , you're not overstepping my boundaries or anything

Duo Theus · 27/05/2016 06:58

What would it take for me to get that far with such a wonderful lady like you? ~laughs at his faine attempt then slaps his own butt~ Haha, just playful, but still did say I would slap thine butt

Lucid_fox · 27/05/2016 09:05 · 1 Reply

Ahah, I'm not really into going places with people online but if you ever just want to chat about stuff or something I'd be more than happy to [emot=4]

Duo Theus · 27/05/2016 09:34

~laughs softly~ No worries mate, besides wed be too far to do anything then playful banter. Though most of the fun awesome people I find tend to be too far away sadly, or taken, which sucks for me since they are so rare you see. And chatting is always quite the spot of fun yes yes

Lucid_fox · 27/05/2016 14:22 · 1 Reply

Okay good, thanks for understanding [emot=4] Yeah, true that. There's plenty of awesome people I'd like to meet but are just too far away. Yeah, well if you ever feel like talking feel free to pm me [emot=4]

Duo Theus · 27/05/2016 20:01

Same to you oh so fun awesome fox person whom also enjoys butts haha, I am always free for a random chat of sorts

Snack posted to Lucid_fox

24/05/2016 17:32

thank u for the sub! ur foxy is sooo cute I jus wanna hug!!! X3

Lucid_fox · 25/05/2016 14:22

No problem :) Heh, thank you :D *hugs*

Snack · 25/05/2016 17:25


Tundra · 27/05/2016 12:50

Were about in queensland do you live? I live in queensland too!! Aussie furries rule!

Lucid_fox · 27/05/2016 14:17

Oh really? That's awesome [emot=4] I'm in Central Queensland myself. Where abouts are you? Yeah, there's not a whole lot of us either [emot=22]

Tundra · 27/05/2016 15:00 · 1 Reply

Brisbane. I have never seen a furry in Brisbane befor, but i know a con is in brisbane, rivfur! I really wish i coulf go, but no one in my family knows im furry :'(

Snack · 28/05/2016 05:57

why don't they know? do they think its bad? :L or u just shy X3

Tundra · 28/05/2016 06:17

Im just scared to tell them. Im only 11

Lucid_fox · 28/05/2016 06:19

Brisbane hey? Nice, sounds good [emot=4] I'm not sure if you're aware or not but there's actually a weekly fur meet in Southbank [emot=22]

Lucid_fox · 28/05/2016 06:22

as for telling your parents just describe it as a simple interest in anthromorphic animals, compare the art you like to look at with works from people like Disney. You don't even have to use the word furry [emot=4]

Tundra · 28/05/2016 06:39

Wow thanks, anc for the fur meet... I miht ask my grannyvto take me to southbank cuz she knows what fursuits are. I remember whenbi went to watch zootopia, we and my furry bff said its about anthropomorphic animals. She didnt ask no more. I guess telling them interest in anthropomorphic animals is simple. Thanks! [emot=29]

Lucid_fox · 29/05/2016 13:02

No problem [emot=4] Yeah man, sounds like a plan, fur meets are a great way to make new friends in the fandom.

It's much easier than trying to explain the ins and outs of furry ahah ^-^

Glad I could be of some help :)

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