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Well, I'm mostly an Art Whore since I make all kinds of art, I draw, paint, and other crafty things. I've been trying to start one of my longest stories, err well I've been trying to start any of the comics I started to write, but so far I have actually started a comic. However I don't have any planed storyline for the first part, but I do know it will be the beginning of a long three part story. [emot=22] Sadly this story was meant to revolve around my fursonas as well as, the typical story of "my boyfriend's and my fursonas". However, everyone knows how well that story turns out for most people, girl and boy fall in love and then boy acts like an ass and breaks girl's heart. So obviously I’m changing a few things in the beginning, lucky for me I didn't get too far in the story, and have learned a few lessons from it. [emot=6] Yay for me though, I get to work on only my fursonas, instead of worrying about what he wanted, or what anyone else will want.


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Dhraken Frost

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Lucka Mizota

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03/04/2016 17:41


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