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First Time here on Furirffic

Published: 05/09/2015 18:15

This is the first time here on Furiffic for me, I would say that I write stories and draw pictures but I'm not a pro at it yet, I'm curious if you guys could give me advice on how to either delete posts or edit them when I post them on other people's threads.

FibS · 05/09/2015 21:17 · 1 Reply

A comment on another user's journal can be deleted by mousing over it near the topright. A down arrow will appear only on mouseover and can be clicked on to delete. So far, I don't see an edit feature.

Your own journals can only be edited from the All Journals page. As I understand, the inability to do it from a specific journal page is a bug the developers are still working on fixing.

Lucky · 05/09/2015 21:41

Ah, okay, thanks. :)

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