Lucybus the Cat is feeling Blank
Artist Type: Digital Artist

I’m fine with you using any scratch or FtU content of mine as long as you credit or ping me.

I draw SFW content only (mostly due to my young age of 12), but my works may contain depressing themes and blood/gore (up to puddles). Sexual content is usually no more than romance, sexual desires, or innuendoes.

Subbing to me pretty much guarantees a boatload of notifs, so watch out.

I will time-lapse nearly every major procreate artwork on YouTube. They’re usually 20 seconds (minutes of drawing) or shorter.

Art Requests and trades are open bc I’m bored. Just ask, they’re free


~12, turning 13 in a few months

~7th grader in a school where every boy must drop one F-bomb a day in public



~all hurtful language and NSFL/pornographic content will not be tolerated

~straight greyromantic, and I do not online date (so don't try me)

I'm not what you'd call someone who wears a fursuit all day, I have a normal middle-school life outside the net.

I do design an overhaul of random anthropomorphic cat characters, though.

I'm scratchykit5743 on scratch, Iolitestar on Pixel Petz, Scratchykit-Iolitestar on, Lucybus on SoFurry and AnimalHeart on YouTube. I use Procreate and scratch bitmap to do most of my artwork.


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I’m sick of this.

Toxy {/Toxythesnowflake}. They’ve been bothering me for the past day. Dissing my art. Dissing other users like Split {/The_banana_splits} as well as me. Calling me retarded, and babying me just because I’m 12. And now this has spun out of control. Furrific’s lack of active moderation has bec...
11 minutes ago


have to get on a school chromebook for the rest of the night and won't be able to contact anyone through twitter or yt. Publicized the toxy case on scratch. Censored the username tho and the cuss words. parents are now monitoring my YT and may find this furrific account. yaaaay. Be seeing you ...
14 hours ago


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Female · Human/lion cross · Bicurious · Aries
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Nicknames Allison, Ally, Synthesis
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Male · Lion/human cross · Heterosexual · Sagittarius
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New character that debuted in the couture meme.
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Species: wolf
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Lucybus posted

21 hours ago


Toxy (racist, homophobic, ableist and ageist behaviors)

GooGrim (semi-nsfw content marked as tame)

Shira Vulpes (Semi-NSFW content marked as tame)

@FUBROY (PFP is not tame)