Lucybus the Cat is feeling Blank
Artist Type: Digital Artist

Uh, Hi.

I’m a 7th grade autistic female who draws furries on her tablet in her free time.

Be warned, my artwork is in P3 and thus people using non-apple devices may see the color profiles as warped.


Q: What program do you use?

A: Procreate. I find it hard to use other programs.

Q: What OCs do you use the most?

A: Usually my sonas, but out of OCs I tend to use Starfish and Codystar the most.

Q: Why don't you do commissions?

A: no credit card equals no getting the money. I will gladly take requests and art trades though, and i'm planning on doing a DTA soon.

Q: What equipment do you use?

A: just an IPad mini 5. I can't afford an apple pencil and finger-draw most of my art.


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My tablet got sabotaged by parents... AGAIN

Are you [bleep]ing kidding me, dad? Ugh. Be back to drawing tuesday at the very maximum.
2 days ago

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So at about 8:11 PM last night, my scratch account got blocked, so I'll be far more active on other socials than usual. Especially this one, as it' s the only non-scratch social my school computer's SafeSearch doesn't know/block. The block is only temporary though, it'll be unblocked Saturday ni...
5 days ago


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Dawn Frost

Female · Catlike, undefined species · Lesbian · Virgo
Role-playing No
Nicknames Dawn, Frosty, Flower girl
A Jibi-land based character.
1 week ago


Female · Human/lion cross · Bicurious · Aries
Role-playing No
Nicknames Allison, Ally, Synthesis
1 month ago


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midnight wolf

Species: wolf
Artist Type: musician
Mood: horny
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Species: wolf
Artist Type: improving artist
Mood: *gay panik*
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Hazel posted to Lucybus

2 weeks ago

hello! thanks for the fave! ^w^ it means alot :D

I just seen your sofurry banned, what happened? are you okay? :< sorry if i sounded rude, just asking cos I care

Lucybus · 2 weeks ago · 1 Reply

I think it was related to me being under thirteen by four fricking months, but there’s no proof of it anywhere in the SF forums.

Hazel · 2 weeks ago

oh darn.. sorry to hear :c hey maybe if you wanna you could return to SF once you're old enough? you don't have to tho, just a suggestion

Lucybus · 2 weeks ago · 1 Reply

I probably will, Furrific doesn’t exactly have a place for discussion forums or story sharing.

Hazel · 2 weeks ago

Weasyl has! though their forums seem to be down atm :< there's also Furaffinity too but Weasyl's one of my favourite places :3 i think the community's nicer

Lucybus posted

2 weeks ago


Hazel · 2 weeks ago

welcome back :3

Lucybus · 2 weeks ago · 1 Reply

...It wasn’t my choice... though I did manage to get banned on SF the exact same day the drama ended... But anyways, it’s nice to see you.

Hazel · 2 weeks ago

nice to see you too!

Aura posted to Lucybus

3 weeks ago

correct. I've thrown them off for now

Lucybus · 3 weeks ago

ahh, that's great. Now i can go post to sofurry.

Nebula posted to Lucybus

3 weeks ago

hhh   I dont even care that its recolored. I care how terribly it was recolored

Lucybus · 3 weeks ago

True, true. Wow are they getting toxic now.

Lucybus · 3 weeks ago · 1 Reply

They also decided to recolored the fanart you made me, which really hurts.

Nebula · 3 weeks ago

yeah :c If I wanted it recolored, I would've posted it on scratch. This actually was on scratch, but I took it down because I didn't like the animation with it and only liked this frame

Nebula posted to Lucybus

3 weeks ago

btw @ezra_ is me, its a test

Lucybus · 3 weeks ago

ahh, good to know. even before i knew you were them, i decided to go ahead and do some friendly answering assuming you weren't them.

Lucybus posted

1 month ago



Toxy (racist, homophobic, ableist and ageist behaviors, + sloppily recoloring/ruining my art)

GooGrim (semi-nsfw content marked as tame)

@FUBROY (PFP is not tame)

Vorelord (NSFW content as char TNs)

Nebula · 4 weeks ago · 1 Reply

 Toxy stole and gave no credit >;c They also call her an "uGlY lEsBiAn"

Lucybus · 4 weeks ago

Again? Ugh.