Lucybus the Cat is feeling Offsite
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Moving to SoFurry. May check here from time to time.


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I am officially moving to SoFurry!

You heard me right. Better mods over there. Sofurry is Lucybus. See you over there.
1 day ago

Sorry, but I have no choice.

The Toxy {/Toxythesnowflake} art “fixing” and dissing me, Nebula {/Nebula}, Split {/The_banana_splits} and others has gotten out of hand. I am going to be initiating the following emergency protocols: -download-locking all artwork -adding heavy texture and watermark on all new artwork -possibly...
3 days ago


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6 days ago


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1 week ago


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toxyneedstostop posted to Lucybus

1 day ago

correct. I've thrown them off for now

Lucybus · 1 day ago

ahh, that's great. Now i can go post to sofurry.

Nebula posted to Lucybus

2 days ago

hhh   I dont even care that its recolored. I care how terribly it was recolored

Lucybus · 2 days ago

True, true. Wow are they getting toxic now.

Lucybus · 2 days ago · 1 Reply

They also decided to recolored the fanart you made me, which really hurts.

Nebula · 2 days ago

yeah :c If I wanted it recolored, I would've posted it on scratch. This actually was on scratch, but I took it down because I didn't like the animation with it and only liked this frame

Nebula posted to Lucybus

2 days ago

btw @ezra_ is me, its a test

Lucybus · 2 days ago

ahh, good to know. even before i knew you were them, i decided to go ahead and do some friendly answering assuming you weren't them.

Lucybus posted

5 days ago


Toxy (racist, homophobic, ableist and ageist behaviors, + sloppily recoloring/ruining my art)

GooGrim (semi-nsfw content marked as tame)

@FUBROY (PFP is not tame)

Nebula · 3 days ago · 1 Reply

 Toxy stole and gave no credit >;c They also call her an "uGlY lEsBiAn"

Lucybus · 3 days ago

Again? Ugh.