Lucybus the Cat is feeling Blank
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I’m sick of this.

Toxy {/Toxythesnowflake}. They’ve been bothering me for the past day. Dissing my art. Dissing other users like Split {/The_banana_splits} as well as me. Calling me retarded, and babying me just because I’m 12. And now this has spun out of control. Furrific’s lack of active moderation has bec...
28 minutes ago


have to get on a school chromebook for the rest of the night and won't be able to contact anyone through twitter or yt. Publicized the toxy case on scratch. Censored the username tho and the cuss words. parents are now monitoring my YT and may find this furrific account. yaaaay. Be seeing you ...
15 hours ago
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I would cry, if I could. But I can’t.

I’m not the girl to be ashamed of my mental illness Toxy {/Toxythesnowflake}, stop your dumbass insults The R slur hurts this mistress Justice for the friendos I’m not going to leave now stop calling me retarded or I’ll rip out your fucking spleen
22 hours ago
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Vent bc I’m sick of this MFing user

Sorry In advance for the profanity, I’m very steamed atm Toxy {/FuntimeTox453}. They’re being a Dumbass. Why? Lemme tell you. They’re dissing us. Pretty much every one of us but the godly users. By that, I mean Split {/The_banana_splits}, Pastel-Dollie-guts {/Pastel_Dollie_guts}, Toxic {/Toxxic...
23 hours ago

daily school blab- tales from my school life #6

We had a sub in homeroom. The one with the monotone voice. And he was late. I sweated in gym and managed to figure out part of this school's popularity ladder from Galemaw. I fought with the sub again in science. in math class, I introduced Hailpaw to AnimalHeart (my YT). in Theater, Joustpaw...
1 week ago

daily school blab- tales from my school life #5

Honorable mention from Monday: I flipped through the boy in the striped pajamas and found a depressing ending and spoiled the book my class has to read for myself. I swapped gym classes. I learned I am terrible at Pickleball. In Social Skills, Eelpaw kept saying popularity was important for som...
1 week ago

Not submitting a DSB today, sorry

Today was stressful, so I don’t feel I should post about it. If tomorrow is any better, I’ll post then. (btw, DSB means daily school blab/blather/blah)
1 week ago

To Do

-Make refs for the majority of my characters -Figure out why the starter checklist exists -Post art from my YouTube channel -TBD
4 weeks ago