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Vent bc I’m sick of this MFing user

Published: 3 weeks ago

Let me get on with this now...

Sorry In advance for the profanity, I’m very steamed atm

Toxy. They’re being a Dumbass. Why? Lemme tell you.

They’re dissing us. Pretty much every one of us  but the godly users. By that, I mean SplitPastel-Dollie-gutsToxic. And maybe even my friend Nebula. Toxy decided to fucking diss our artistic asses’s OCs. They dissed one of My own, Starfish, as well. 

If any of you have been dissed or harassed by them, I’ll help fight them. Many dirty words have been used. I am not going to stop.

End of note.


Split · 3 weeks ago · 1 Reply

jesus christ and they just made another journal..

Lucybus · 3 weeks ago

And I already got steamed at it. Just because I’m twelve, white, and straight  doesn’t mean I agree with racist opinions.

Nebula · 3 weeks ago · 3 Replies


Split · 3 weeks ago

Followed who!?

Lucybus · 3 weeks ago

Toxy. They regret it now though

Split · 3 weeks ago

oh no..

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