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Let me get on with this now...

the 3DS version already gives me nostalgia, but this switch version is epic.

Here are some things I did:

I put a hecking PAW on my Mii's face and then added some freckles and more eye sparkle than you would ever imagine. I also decided to use that wig feature and made her hair wild (not color-wise, though... natural hair color was used)

 I shipped a Mii that kinda looked like a legitimate sonic character with a cute pink-haired mii as the lovey-dovey couple in greenhorne. 

My first two Miis that weren't me or in greenhorne were both pop stars. One is an edgy female (cool personality) named Stardrop and the other is a cute white male (airheaded personality) named Snowsong.

Stardrop really hates whatever I feed her (mostly butterfly honey) for some reason.

End of note.


Hazel ยท 1 month ago

i remember the 3ds version ^-^ i would always team up with my ocs lol X3 i'm really looking forward to when the full version for the switch comes out! :D i was a cautious mage, Cody was an airheaded popstar, Max was a stubborn warrior, and lots more characters ofcourse ^w^

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