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Heyo! New to the site, checking it out, gonna see what's here.

Posting mostly comic stories, with updates either a few days a week or as a lot once a week, depending on what's been done and the best formatting available.

Say hi! I don't bite too much. You can find me as Lulu Amore  or LulusBadDates in various places.


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Random pauses

Soo.. Lulu's real life is currently being a bit all over the place. An unexpected eviction notice means that instead of 6 months it's not currently less than 2 months before having to move. Sooo.. lots of fun of house hunting and other awesome things. Super well timed with also having just quit m...
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Another week of updates lined up. Whoop. With Another week and a half waiting for info input. Then I gotta upload more again. ..They're still coming. Yeeeeeeeah!
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fire crescent posted to Lulu Amore

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Lulu Amore · 1 month ago


thatBADfolf posted to Lulu Amore

4 months ago

Welcome to Furiffic! I have been here for a few months, and I hope you have great experiences here!

Lulu Amore · 2 months ago

Much belated thank you! Totally didn't even see this message til now.

ClockworkWolf posted to Lulu Amore

4 months ago

Thanks for the Fave. I'm glad you enjoyed :) And welcome to Furiffic too!

Lulu Amore · 4 months ago

Thank you and you're welcome!

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