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Heyo! New to the site, checking it out, gonna see what's here.

Posting mostly comic stories, with updates either a few days a week or as a lot once a week, depending on what's been done and the best formatting available.

Say hi! I don't bite too much. You can find me as Lulu Amore  or LulusBadDates in various places.

Picarto: (NSFW)
FB: (I totally don't look at my messages, but feel free to add me and fail to have any real interaction because I tend to ignore FB entirely, woo)


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Commissions Open

Yello! So around doing Lulu comics I have some time to do some commission work as well. Currently only have three more things in my paid list and then I'm entirely free again. So if anyone would like something, feel free to note me! I can probably get them done within a two week time frame ...
1 month ago

Teespring Stealing Artwork

Warning for any folks who have a Redbubble/Society6, Teespring is ripping folks off. ..Which isn't new!But Twitter is currently yelling at Teespring, so if you go to: {
1 month ago


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fire crescent posted to Lulu Amore

6 months ago


Lulu Amore · 6 months ago


thatBADfolf posted to Lulu Amore

9 months ago

Welcome to Furiffic! I have been here for a few months, and I hope you have great experiences here!

Lulu Amore · 7 months ago

Much belated thank you! Totally didn't even see this message til now.

ClockworkWolf posted to Lulu Amore

9 months ago

Thanks for the Fave. I'm glad you enjoyed :) And welcome to Furiffic too!

Lulu Amore · 9 months ago

Thank you and you're welcome!

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