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Alive and interwebs!

Published: 10 months ago

Alive again! Woo!

Got interwebs installed yesterday, YAY! So I should be back to being able to post things!

Life has been, interesting lately as well as busy, so I don't have the backlog I'd prefer for the comic. BUT. I have five in queue currently. 

Then it's going to be a matter of if I can manage 3-5 each week from here on. We're caught up! You're now gonna be getting comic updates at the same speed as my FA. Which is both good and bad. Bad cause the updates wont be nearly so constant as previously. Better cause it means I can finally cross post the info all at the same time on.. two places! Yeah! 

And with all the places I'm uploading this catching up to each other, it means I can spend less time sitting and mass uploading images and work on new ones. So yay. Much yay.

Lets just hope the holidays don't destroy me too bad.

Anywho! Alive now! I have interwebs! And supposedly we're getting aircon looked into in the next week or so. So not a melting death ahead of me. Extra yay!

..Now just to get some money coming in. Blargh.

Inqu · 10 months ago · 13 Replies

Again? Have you died before and been brought back before? X3 Congrats on the interwebs and stuff though~

Lulu Amore · 10 months ago

Oh totes. It's like a yearly experience! Very invigorating, just a bit stressful.

Cheers matey~

Inqu · 10 months ago

Sounds like a great way to stay in shape~ X3

Lulu Amore · 10 months ago

Ha, not the ideal shape, really.

Inqu · 10 months ago

Yeah, i guess if you died in a tub or body of water you'd turn to soup huh...

Lulu Amore · 10 months ago

Depends if there was anything else in the water or anything with access to the water. But most likely, yes, if you were left there for the right amount of time under most circumstances, you would eventually turn soupy.

Inqu · 10 months ago

From what i head it ay most only takes a couple of days, its why the movie trope of trying the body down doesnt work as the limbs would just separate qnd stuff that and fish X3

Lulu Amore · 10 months ago

Not that quickly without fish/animal assistance. They can start to get loose, but it takes a while.

Inqu · 10 months ago

knowledge is power! X3

Lulu Amore · 10 months ago

But what will you do with this power?!

Inqu · 10 months ago

Sit in side and become a hermit!

Lulu Amore · 10 months ago

That's a bit lonely though isn't it?

Inqu · 10 months ago

Yes, but its peaceful

Lulu Amore · 10 months ago

Bit dull really

Inqu · 10 months ago · 1 Reply

Well when i find someone thats willing to put up with me and not hate me after X amount of time i'll gladly except their/ hope they except my offer for a committed relationship until then, hermit life is the life for me~

Lulu Amore · 10 months ago

Ha, guess that's something at least

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