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Random character design just.. because. Yeah.

I wanted to make a character using RAINBOWS. ..This sorta counts, right? Either way, something completely different, just for the sake of it.

Something to fit into more a sci-fi setting as I also wanted them to be a weapons expert/grunt for hire sort of character in space settings because.. again, why not! I do not play with that kind of setting what so ever and aliens mean you can do whatever you want with anatomy. YEAH.

Robes are best clothes. Mostly as the first thing I figured to draw them in was a luxury fur and well.. Yeah. That's entirely their taste. I'll play with other costume designs later. They're not the sort to run around naked, that's indecent after all.

So um, yes. Spyda I guess. It's not their real name. But it's what they're called, as their actual name they call themselves doesn't translate well, at all.

Spyda's mine, obviously.

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