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Posting a price sheet as haven't done one of these proper in yeeeeeears.
So here's a general idea of my usual prices for things.

Starts with $5USD sketchy headshots (per  character/expression)

Then you got single character images + basic background:
$40+USD for flat full body.
$60+USD basic shaded full body
$80+USD fully rendered character

+the price again per extra character if wanting more than one.

Can do lower prices for busts, but prices generally quoted for full body, depending on requested pose

Detailed characters fully rendered start around $100USD

Painted characters start $120+USD cause they're friggin time consuming and not something I do very often.

Anything more than a basic background has increased prices depending what you're looking for and is entirely case by case for quotes.

*Not listed, but can possibly do comic commissions as well. Would need to be discussed.

(I will upload a larger/HQ version of this image when I have internet again for realsies at my home)

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