Lunaris_Parukia the Pokemon is feeling Determined
Artist Type: Improving Artist

Just a guy who loves drawing =3

I specialize in Pokémorphs, and aim to bring happiness to the people with my drawings and stories. I feel like that's my purpose in life.
Another goal is to inspire people to pave their own road instead of accepting other people's opinions as fact. There's no "right way" to do art. Just follow your heart~

For those who don't feel confident in their skill, know I never had an education in art in any form. Schooling isn't important unless you aim to make it your living (and even then I think a degree says nothing about an artist). Just do what you like! Having fun is the number 1 priority! In fact, I tossed out all of the conventions in art and just did what I was comfortable with. I always just figured everything out on my own.

And don't let anyone EVER make you stop doing what you love. If they feel the need to downplay anyone, then they know absolutely nothing about art. Skills means nothing. It's the passion, the heart and soul behind it that really counts!


Q: Do you do requests/commissions/art trades/gift art/etc.?
A: Sorry, I don't. Had very bad experiences with requests, and commissions just feels wrong to me.

Q: Do you RP?
A: I don't. Neither SFW nor NSFW. Though for NSFW, I only do it in a relationship.

Q: Can I draw/use one of your characters?
A: No, sorry.

Q: Can you add me in an IM?
A: I'd like to know people better via PMs first before I add them.

Q: What gender are you?
A: Male. You can come to my art streams when I draw traditionally if you don't believe me.

Q: Where do you live?
A: Yes.

Q: Yes? YES TOWN? I've never heard of a place like that.
A: That's not a question. ( Okay, I totally made this specific question up =P )


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Happy New Year~ ^w^

Happy New Year, everyone~ ^w^[lb] May all your dreams come true this year~ =D [url=http://www
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Merry Christmas~ =D

Merry Christmas, everyone~ ^w^[lb] [lb] Had hoped I could officially launch the new project I'm working on by now, but it's going to take some bit more work, so please hang on just a bit longer~ [url=http://www
1 month ago