LundiMagique the Cat
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A new European cartoon artist.


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A pathetic Staff

To friends who are on DA be careful there's a user who manages many groups named Stygma, that user is maniac all time she eels you are trolling her and she rejects your jobs and blocks you. No reason. Evidence here
29/12/2016 00:11
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Thanks for the gift!

I'd ike to thank to the user Blaze-Storm for drawing this cute gift to me. Submission by Blaze_Storm {/Blaze_Storm/view/47795}
02/04/2016 03:25


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25/01/2018 00:21

Princess Arina

Female · Cat · Heterosexual · Capricorn
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White Furred, Gray ears, Big blue eyes.
29/12/2015 03:56


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ilovefallingcows25 posted to LundiMagique

26/06/2019 03:36

Hey Lundi can I tell you something for my birthday it's with my gray cat Anna eating as she grows and grows for my big gift from her

ilovefallingcows25 posted to LundiMagique

12/04/2017 15:11

Can you make my cat character Giselle when she's a giantess with her seeing me by her shoes with Wizard Cat shocked to see her

ilovefallingcows25 posted to LundiMagique

21/05/2016 22:08

Can I tell you a 50 ft thin wizard cat meeting me and some of my characters in a back and full view 

LundiMagique posted

29/12/2015 03:21

A new European Cartoon Artist.

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