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A sequel when my Magical Cat did a wrong spell turning him into a giant character. She revives a Princess who tried to help her but she got many shoots. Finally the dog sister flight and left her alone with her public. Watching her by a magic sandal.
Trying another way to solve this mess.

Arina the Magic Cat © 2016 LundiMagique

Suggested by the user:  ilovefallingcows25
Guest Staring OC's from the users:  EZ_the_stick_figure & ilovefallingcows25

ilovefallingcows25 · 31/05/2016 20:44 · 17 Replies

Is it like a smartphone 

ilovefallingcows25 · 31/05/2016 21:05

 Yep also can she say oh I'm sorry its a smartphone how silly of me I don't know how to use this

LundiMagique · 31/05/2016 21:11

Well, it's her technology. How to set a screen in a sandal?

ilovefallingcows25 · 31/05/2016 21:12

Yep good thing she turned her one of her old sandals into a phone 

LundiMagique · 31/05/2016 21:27

Yeah but believe or not,it doesn't need battery. Needs magical power.

ilovefallingcows25 · 31/05/2016 21:37

Okay also can Princess Celestia grow big to cover the big cat 

LundiMagique · 31/05/2016 21:39

Saving Athena and her sisters to get recovered and back to the cat scene.

ilovefallingcows25 · 31/05/2016 21:41

Okay also can I look up and help the big wizard cat recovered as she looks down as a give her something to help her 

LundiMagique · 31/05/2016 21:46

A machine gun?

ilovefallingcows25 · 31/05/2016 21:51

Well no like a skirt also can she meet one of my characters which is a big bird 

LundiMagique · 31/05/2016 22:06

They have to make one for her Big size!

ilovefallingcows25 · 31/05/2016 22:09

Okay also I adopted one also I can make her what she is 

LundiMagique · 31/05/2016 22:11

I wonder if they could save her.

ilovefallingcows25 · 31/05/2016 22:18

Well yeah but maybe something like a cover to protect her 

LundiMagique · 31/05/2016 22:25

Nice wish from your girls. Dogs befriending a cat.

ilovefallingcows25 · 31/05/2016 22:28

Thanks also they are nice 

ilovefallingcows25 · 31/05/2016 21:04

I guess she thought it was a smart sandal but the truth is its a smartphone also can she say my bad guys with me embrassed 

Diavlo · 31/05/2016 21:51 · 3 Replies

I noticed That EZ has devil horns XD

LundiMagique · 31/05/2016 22:05

You saw him! Now he will turn into a Moshi Monster: Diavlo! WAHAH!

Diavlo · 31/05/2016 22:13

uh oh XD

LundiMagique · 31/05/2016 22:25

A very thin Diavlo!



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