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Arina the Magic Cat goes to save to safe to one of his friends from a river. But an ingrate guy rewards her painful reward. Notes: this image was made under a comment we got.

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ilovefallingcows25 · 10/10/2016 23:51 · 2 Replies

Nice also it looks so awesome plus I wish Princess Wizard Cat would dress up for Halloween

LundiMagique · 11/10/2016 04:07

Thanks for supporting her, What suit do you imagine?

ilovefallingcows25 · 11/10/2016 18:40

 Well the outfit I'm imagining is with her being like a giant like Jack in the beanstalk but with her wearing a outfit Lupe has on like her sonic satam outfit but with her wearing the sandals black along with me as Jack 



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