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Updates and things and stuff

It's been a long while since I've written one of these. Way too busy for many things it seems. Anyways, here's a summary: General: Doing rather okay in general. Have been on the busy side though, not able to get to everything, but not frantic at least. Electronics: I recently got some salvage ...
06/06/2016 18:18

Happy New Year!

So yet another year draws to a close. And what a year it was! Had a lot happen, both good and bad. More of the former than the latter fortunately, which was a huge improvement over 2014 for me. Lost some friends here and there, but met many more new ones along the way. And improved some existing...
31/12/2015 20:22

December updates

I'm back! Finally wrote my last exam for the year, so now I can get back to those things I do. Y'know, draw, tinker with electronics, play games and be weird in general! Before I can do all those however, I need to sort things out, starting with catching up on my clearly overflowing inboxes. Da...
01/12/2015 19:07

Inktober, commissions and other things!

Alrighty! I had a ton of fun with the #Inktober challenge. I used to be very avoiding of pens and ink when it came to art, mainly due to how permanent it is, and limitations with shading. Turns out that neither was as crippling as I thought. Managed to impress myself quite a bit, while learning a...
01/11/2015 20:11