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Inktober, commissions and other things!

Published: 01/11/2015 20:11

Alrighty! I had a ton of fun with the #Inktober challenge. I used to be very avoiding of pens and ink when it came to art, mainly due to how permanent it is, and limitations with shading. Turns out that neither was as crippling as I thought. Managed to impress myself quite a bit, while learning a new medium!
However, I only did 15 pictures, not the preferred 31. And that's okay! I learned a lot, and had fun while doing it, which is one of the main intentions of the challenge. Also drew more pictures in the last 30 days than I had all year, and of most of last year. But I do plan on doing the remaining 16 over time, hopefully within the year. These will be known as Late-obers. (Get it? xP)I have posted a compilation of the 15 I have completed.

I'm also gonna start offering ink commissions from now on. $15 for thigh-ups and $20 for full-body ones. These will be separate from the Late-obers, as those are only personal works, gifts and fan-art.

As for other things, I'm writing my final exams next week. Which I am not looking forward to a lot, but I'd like to get it out of the way. Might be visiting family afterwards, when the holidays start. Would be nice to be somewhere other than here for a change! And opportunity to properly try out the camera in my new phone~

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