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Grew up in a rather small home with his mother who practiced witchcraft, hence passing on the tradition to her son. She passed away while he was in the middle of earning his degree in English, causing him to drop out and take over her business. After working there for a few years and saving up, he was able to earn his doctorate in English online and teaches in the evening after closing shop. Zelic also tutors any students in need of help when he can, whether it's online or in person. 

In terms of magick, he knows a wide variety of spells. He has a symbol burned onto the back of his right shoulder that allows him to harness the energy of nature around him and cast spells on a whim. Zelic is generally weaker when he's in the middle of the city and often refuses to wear shoes as it hinders his ability to feel the energy of the earth. He can use his magick to change his appearance, such as his underwater form that lets him swim in the water and breathe underwater, his flight form, and so on. But it usually requires a lot of energy so most of the time he tends to stay in his original form. 

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Runs his own shop by the name Magickal Mysteries that has a various amount of herbs, crystals, and whatnot for any witches in need.  


1.73 Meters · 5 Feet, 8.11 Inches

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Zelic has no idea how he manages to stay slim considering he has a really unhealthy diet. 

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Bookworm that runs an occult shop and knows a wide variety of spells and potions.

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