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Iska is a naturally curious Dutch Angel Dragon. He loves to be around others and can be often found running around in parks playing with children or squawking at adults.

He's psychic and can communicate with others through their mind, though his vocabulary is very limited. He knows a few words here and there but usually talks verbally with squeaks and squawks. Iska is also telekinetic, meaning he can move things with his mind. In terms of his breath, he can't breathe fire. It's more like he's able to send out sound waves so that he can 'see' anything around him and what's ahead. When he does this, the pitch of his voice drops to a much lower pitch than his usual high pitched chirps. And as much as he loves being on the ground with people, his element is air. His ability to levitate himself is quite strong so he's able to hover for long periods of time and can fly quite long distances. Although his wings seem smaller than most, they grow larger when he decides to fly so they give him an extra boost of speed.

Iska loves to hoard scarves. When he sees one he likes, he'll sit and stare at it, often wrapping it around his neck and giving the store owner a forlorn look until they let him keep it. When the store owner does that, he produces a small shiny bauble that looks like a gem and gives it to them in return.


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Currently roaming about in either the Aether or Terra. He can manifest himself in Terra.


1.8 Meters · 5 Feet, 10.86 Inches

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Dutch Angel Dragon that loves interacting with others. Also hoards scarves.

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Friendly RP - please don't try to have a sexual one as Iska has nothing down there.