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Dorian grew up in a normal household and was raised by his mother. His father died when he was fairly young so he doesn't remember much about his dad. That didn't affect him all too much as he was more like his mother than anything. Of course, he didn't act all that much like a male growing up so he got teased for that. It got worse and worse to the point where he had to switch schools. After that, he changed how he acted and became invested in band, eventually becoming the drum major for his last two years of high school. Dorian went to college to pursue a career in band and now happily teaches at a high school as one of the band directors.

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Currently teaching at a high school as a band director.

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Dorian can usually be found running around the band hall or on the field or in his office pouring over music and marching sheets. Literally. This guy lives and breathes band.


1.9 Meters · 6 Feet, 2.8 Inches

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His right ear has a single piercing which he's gotten good at hiding when any higher ups are around. Most the teachers in the school are secretly rooting for him to keep getting away with it since it's against school regulations for teachers to have any sort of piercings.

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Friendly teacher that loves band with a passion.

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