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 Mystique grew up in a small town basically in the middle of no where in Japan. She was accepted by the villagers and became a protector of some sort as she got older. Of course, being a Daiyamondo, her lifespan is much longer than those of a regular wolf, so she's stuck around her home village for pretty much her entire life so far. When she reached adulthood, Mystique began to spend more time in her feral form, only shifting to her human-like form if she needed to. 

She encountered a crow tengu, of whom she formed a pact with and gained her flight form, where she acquires bird like wings and can teleport from place to place without using her wings, as well as enhanced strength and speed. 

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Protector of a small village located up in the mountains in Japan. 


1.34 Meters · 4 Feet, 4.75 Inches

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 Mystique has long fur that she keeps well groomed and sleek. 

Susy · 27/12/2016 03:53 · 2 Replies

... Bro, my real name is Mystique...

Lyeox · 30/12/2016 02:49

afhskhg really?

Susy · 30/12/2016 12:02


Daiyamondo wolf that protects a small village in the mountains of Japan. 

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