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[Aeritha resides in a different universe that I created. It's still under development so there will be changes to her backstory in the future.]

She's one of the older dragons in existence, though her exact age is unknown. Scholars have written countless tales about her down in the scrolls, often describing when she appeared to save dragonkind. Most of the scrolls containing the history of the land were destroyed during the Never-ending War, so any remaining dragons only have verbal tales to remember her by. Aeritha is most known for her role in ending the two hundred year long war that had been dubbed the Never-ending War, as most thought dragons and humans would be fighting forever. Legend says that she called upon the very heavens themselves to unleash a mighty storm only in the areas where human armies lie. 

Aeritha disappeared far before all of dragonkind went into hibernation, abandoning their temples and caves which were either plundered by thieves or forgotten. Soon, the presence of dragons became a far off memory, a legend at the most. They are but a tale that some historians speak of in the classrooms. 

Of course, the day for when humankind is reminded that they are just mere insects in the presence of a dragon is soon to come.. 


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 Dragoness with an ego problem. 

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