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Hello there folks who have stalked me. I just moved here and I will try my best to keep up with it.

I have listed my contacts in order of how frequent I use them the stuff at the top you are more likely to get ahold of me the lower you go the less likely or more time consuming it will be.

I do commissions of the digital art kind and frankly I need more work commissions have been slow as has work in real life and I need more income. So I will be posting commission info and TOS below!!


Commission Work Schedule:

Monday- Personal Projects

Tuesday- Paid Commissions

Wednesday- Open To Personal Motivation

Thursday- Paid Commissions

Friday- Day Off Of Art Things

Saturday- Open To Personal Motivation

Sunday- Day Off Of Art Things

If you have any questions or concerns please don't hesitate to email me at or drop me a note thank you!!


All commissions will be started once payment is done in FULL!!

Commissions will be done during the scheduled times as posted above so don't harass me unless you feel you have been clearly forgotten!!

Commissions are here on out FIRST COME FIRST SERVE so no more money priority

I here by reserve the right to refuse to continue work and refund payment if I see unfit for any reason or lack of!

I reserve the right to take back any work done by me if I find it miss used and all rights taken from previous owners 

I reserve the right to change my rules and terms of service as I see fit.

Please feel free to drop a comment below to add your views towards the changes and make suggestions thank you!!



Full color and soft shade: 10 usd

Flat color: 5 usd

Sketch: 3 usd

Full Body

Full Color and soft shade: 30 usd

Flat color: 20 usd

 Sketch: 15 usd

Head Shot:

Full color and soft shade: 20 usd

Flat color: 10 usd

Sketch: 8 usd

Commission Slots:

All are open ask me!!

Hope you enjoy your stay and message me ^^ I am friendly and feel free to ask me questions.


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Streaming online

Streaming Live feel free to stop in!! …If you want to support me click below!!
06/02/2015 05:34
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Free Commissions LIMITED

Ok so here is the deal someone bought and paid for all my slots for others to get free art!! spots are as follows Headshots: 1.Taken 2.Open Paid in full Chibi: 1.Open Paid in full 2.Open Paid in full Full Body: 1.Taken 2.Taken Note me if you want to snag your spot or comment below asap!!
31/01/2015 04:08


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*places a cupcake on your head* heya and welcome =:3

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