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Hello, I'm Blaze.

I am technically an artist, but I tend to go through long periods of motivation issues, so I can end up not doing much for a long time. Aside from that I play a lot of video games (though who doesn't nowadays), and I have recently started doing some Nerf mods that I may or may not make content on in the future. By extension I do a bunch of physical modelling and electronics work too. I have a programming background, though I haven't actually done so in a few years due to some personal issues.

I'm also a Ju-Jutsu practitioner, which has been pretty fun.

I am also at a bunch of other places, so check those out if you wanna see more of what I've done. My Youtube account mostly has Warframe stuff. Will likely also have some general gaming thrown in too; Twitter is just twitter, and various other sites are where most of my art is.


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