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Shayne was an alien bored of her home planet, so she left to explore.

Being a magical being, it was a bit rough.

She eventually found "Earth" which was easily the most habitable for her.

After finding a suitable cavern, she settled in and continues to wander around observering life on Earth.

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mage/studies magic with intent of learning healing and medicine. Also to gain power, but primarily healing aspects.

Extra Details

Shayne can shape shift, but it is very painful and takes a long time.

This is often avoided.

Shayne can also rapidly heal, but it is out of her control, and the more she has to heal, the less that she can. (The cells get thinner and thinner.)

Shayne has tentacles in her stomach that are drawn to heat, so she does have to consume a lot. They have the same purpose as the "feelers" in the stomach of a snake, and the break down food for easier digestion. (As an aside, her forehead marking is NOT required.)


2.73 Meters · 8 Feet, 11.48 Inches


907Kg · 142 Stone, 11.59 Pound

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Average toned

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Thank you :)

Shayne is a 9 foot tall mix between a Scribbley and a Flurme. 
Shayne would realistically weigh around 1,600 lbs, much like a Liger, and her body would be 11 ft long.

Shayne is very short for her species, but doesn't quite mind it.

Shayne is a hermaphrodite, but identifies most as a female.

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Keep things slow, immediate interaction makes me nervous, unfortunately.

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Fantasy, adventure, smut, and few else related RPs.