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The basics of what my art is based around is experimentation, you won't see my style stay in one place, and I don't generally draw things that are 100% the same.
If you watch me, you're going to have to prepare yourself for:
-The starting and stopping of several comic ideas
-Occasional animations (if you can call them that)
-Vore (not frequently! I don't want to base my art around it!)
-Chibi/"cutsie" things
-(Very rarely) Fan art
-Random doodles that may make little sense to anyone but myself

Other info:
I am a very honest person, and if I come off as rude, know that it is not my intent.
I seek to be formal and professional in most cases, unless I am very comfortable with you.
That being said, please don't be afraid to speak with me!
I don't warm up to people very fast, so don't try to force a friendship onto me.
Respect my boundaries, respect me, and I'll do the same for you.
With all people that enjoy my art, I expect to give them a mutual treatment to how they treat me.
So, we're using a simple rule here: Treat other as you wish to be treated.
Respect yourself, respect anyone else that comments on any of my pieces/etc (if they try to start drama, ignore them. It's probably a child or a troll), and we should all get along fine. 

Other places you can find me/my art:
YouTube (planning on adding more art related things soon/maybe gameplays! Have patience with me!):…


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Direction Change

I'm going to be trying to experiment more, both with my style, and what I am capable of doing with my work. I will be working more towards some realism, as well as trying to draw reptiles, as I need some practice with things that I normally would not be able to do. I want to be able to be proud ...
3 days ago
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So, if you have contact someone that sexualizes personal or vent art, is it wrong to keep them from seeing any more of your work? I've had to do this with at least two people, and it left me more than a little disgusted and disturbed. I just want some opinions on it. Was it the right thing to do?...
3 weeks ago


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Flare (Madame Flare)

Female · Capricorn
Role-playing Yes
This tall feline has several abilities, and is a magic based being. Basically, a feline wizard l...
13/02/2016 00:33


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fire crescent posted to Madame Flare

3 weeks ago

hallo! I like where your art is going so far and I cant wait to see more! correct me if im wrong but from the bio you have it seems to me that you like having artistic freedom when you create your art ? if that is so then that's perfect! I go around from artist to artist commissioning artistic freedom art , everything could be up to you! im fine with almost everything:P I love seeing where peoples head goes when they get a hold of my sona ,I love watching their creativity unfold and blossom into art that I can appreciate, especially since when it comes to art im not very talented nor creative. on that note how much would it be to commission you for an artistic freedom piece ? I hope to hear from you soon!

Madame Flare · 2 weeks ago

Before I say anything else, I have to say thank you! ♥ You are, indeed, correct. I love having artistic freedom with commissions. However, before I suggest anything to do in terms of art, I would like to know the price range that we can work with and which character or fursona you would like to be done.  I would also like to forewarn that I work best with felines and reptiles, but that won't stop me from doing my best with work. ^.^

fire crescent · 2 weeks ago

I only have one sona :) the others do not belong to me but too a friend of mine who is in the art that I tagged their characters in , as for price range I don't really have one as of right now :)

Madame Flare · 2 weeks ago

Ahhh, okay. :) Just figured I would ask. ^.^ And good to know. :3 I'll list off things that I can do with my art, and things that I can't. Can do: Gore, vore, nude/nsfw, anthro, feral, chibi, heavy gore, unsettling, sketchy. Can't/won't do: Cub porn, scat, urine, rape. Aaand any can be in my newer style (fur details and such) or my older style. Is there anything in particular that you're interested in? (I'll let you decide what to pay, as I haven't yet sold a commission for cash.)

fire crescent · 2 weeks ago

im not too much of a fan of gore or vore but other than that have fun! it doesn't matter if its sfw or nsfw , I just don't have any nsfw art at the moment:P as I said I want to see what comes to mind for you :)

Madame Flare · 2 weeks ago · 1 Reply

okay. :) You won't have to pay until I'm done, I'll get to work. ^.^

fire crescent · 2 weeks ago

how would you like me to pay? and remember to have fun!

Madame Flare · 2 weeks ago

PayPal, preferably, but any other method is welcomed. And thank you. ^.^ 

fire crescent · 2 weeks ago

I can do paypal! and no problem :D

Madame Flare · 2 weeks ago · 1 Reply

your commission has been posted, and here's a link to my Pay Pal ^.^ (Link)

Madame Flare · 2 weeks ago

I sent a link that might not work, so here's another, just in case. I forgot I hadn't set up my transfer link, yet.

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You're very welcome :D I love your banner!!!

Madame Flare · 11/01/2016 02:33

Ahhh thank you again! ;A; 

KiyiyaHowlingWolf · 11/01/2016 02:46

You're welcome :D

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12/09/2015 04:12

Madame Flare · 12/09/2015 17:37

Thank you! ^.^ You got Avaris' traits really well.

Zahrah · 12/09/2015 17:47

You're welcome! ^.^

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Madame Flare posted

20/07/2015 00:54

Ever find a good anime, but find that you strongly dislike the theme song?

Madame Flare · 24/07/2015 01:57

Nearly 20 episodes into a show before remembering that it's a romance. *sigh*
Won't stop me from watching it! >:,D

Stellar posted to Madame Flare

19/07/2015 16:01

Herrow! :D

Madame Flare · 19/07/2015 18:07

Greetings! :3

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