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A list of places where I am most active: {} (most active here, NSFW and locked. I talk about real world issues on this account, and sometimes upload suggestive work.) SFW twitter (where I am less active. Usually OCs uplo...
8 months ago
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I've Returned!

Hello! I zoned into FA and Twitter as places to upload for quite some time, because I enjoy interacting with my audience. I like to feel like they're not "just followers", you know? I like to have a connection. I'm going to be uploading a lot of back-logged submissions probably tonight. I'll try...
23/03/2020 02:45
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The Current Situation

I won't be going into heavy detail on every thing, as I am being emotional and paranoid. A few months back (October 25th of 2018), I had a head injury. I have not recovered properly, and I'm struggling with a lot of things. I've tried speaking with my family about it, but I feel unheard, ignored...
25/02/2019 06:54
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A Return

It's been five full days since I've been able to log in, due to the server being down. That being said, I have some things to upload that I did, during that time. It was very stressful for me due to communications being cut off (I could not contact someone commissioning art from me at ALL) so I ...
12/09/2018 11:22

Adoptable Designs Reminder!

I have a lot of adopts available, and I would like to sell them! Here's a link to the folder: {}
23/07/2018 18:32

Selling Adoptables

See this folder: {}
05/07/2018 19:27
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Opinions on Commission Blacklists?

Like adding someone to a black list so that they cannot commission from you/so that you remember not to accept commissions from them. Do you think that is an okay thing? I am strongly debating black listing someone entirely.
27/06/2018 00:58
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Mild Break

I can't draw for at least a day or two. I got back from the hospital (nothing major, just for a breathing treatment and to make sure that nothing else besides my asthma was bothering me, and they stuck my writing hand wrist, incase fluids or blood was needed. Thankfully, neither were, and I'm oka...
13/04/2018 04:54

Just Blathering

Comments will be disabled, I just need somewhere to vent.
02/04/2018 02:44
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Busy, Busy, Busy!

These next few days up ahead will be very busy for me, so I'll be working on a,"When I can" basis! I won't give too much away, but let's say it's something positive, and I'm hyped! (Spoiler alert, we're getting a new fur baby in the house.) I can't wait. ♥ She's going to be a runt, so she's likel...
23/03/2018 03:10
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About Lack of Uploads

I'm going through another slump of work that takes hours to create, as well as SAI being the file monster and gobbling up my progress like it's a meal. And I've been rather tired from weather change, so I am working when I can. Expect some work, soon, though it may be awhile. I am working on a ne...
04/03/2018 00:07

Spreading To Help Out

Spreading the word to help phsyco2 over on FA {} if ya want to check his page His Mom is in hospital dying Organs failing, and dementia finances are in really really bad shape Mom hid bills due to dementia, health issues and other ...
24/01/2018 04:07
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Minor Stalling

I currently have no inspiration for my own work, but I have WAYYY too much to work on a game. I don't imagine a lot of you have heard of Impressive Title servers, but I realllyyy want to get to work on another one. I miss it, quite a lot. Creating new things, building a community, working to make...
22/01/2018 20:57

Other Places To Find Me

Just more places to contact me, as I don't often check PMs, on here, due to how busy and tired I've been. Kik username: icepelt454 Kik display name: Madame Sparx Discord username and number: MadMadameFlare #5402 Telegram username: MadMadameFlare Telegram display name: Madame Sparx Snapchat us...
18/01/2018 01:56
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Letting Steam Off

This may be a dark post, and I'm warning that, now. It's 1 AM. January 16th, 2018. Ten hours from when I was born, on the hour. I am 19 years old now, and mortality is something that has been terrifying me to no end, lately. I don't want to just... Stop existing, you know? I have no religious be...
16/01/2018 06:23

Extra Commission Stuff

So, I decided to make an Amazon wish list as an alternate payment option, for people that cannot directly pay with cash to my PayPal. Is this a good idea? Do you have any extra suggestions for alternate payment options? Let me know!
31/12/2017 20:44
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In Need of Commission Suggestions

I'm opening commissions, because I need help in affording my medications for my ovarian cysts and acid reflux. I currently have no health insurance, so they're rather expensive. What would you, as my subscribers, like to see from me? YCHs, some pay once for use bases, etc? NSFW? Painted style w...
29/12/2017 23:08
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Would This Be Too Weird?

I'm debating on making a character that won't be a sona or "oc", and will have the sole purpose of being used for experimentation/practice. Would that be odd, or...? I just don't want to randomly spring it onto you guys lol It'd be quite bizarre, I think. So... What do you guys think?
28/12/2017 04:28
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Spread The Word (Piracy Issue)

Reposting, as this needs to be tackled and killed off. Sites should NEVER rob people of their hard work. >:( Hello, Zingiber (zingiber {}) has made a channel revolving around the recent events surrounding a certain site. I'll share her words with you in t...
26/12/2017 20:37
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Lots of Updates!

My parents gave me an early Christmas gift of a "new" (used) laptop, and it works miracles of smooth. Therefore, I will be pushing to do EVEN better with my work! I also want to start making speedpaints, again, but we'll see how that goes... Can a few of you maybe suggest me a free movie/vide...
23/12/2017 19:43
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Eyyyy (stickers)

I'm making stickers, now! I'm actually having a lot of fun, despite the small canvas size. Thank you, Tea, for telling me the canvas size! ^.^ The ones that I have three done, so far! I plan to make up to 20, of my main sona. I'll post the currently complete ones, in the comments.
05/12/2017 01:44
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43 subs??

I don't often check my subscriber count, as it sometimes makes me pretty nervous and self conscious. But, I just recently noticed that I have 43 subscribers. I... Thank you! I'm really bad at sappy stuff, and I'm not entirely certain of how to celebrate this (I will plot something), so all I can ...
03/12/2017 07:19
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How To Make Telegram Stickers?

I recently downloaded Telegram, and I'd like to know what canvas size I need and such. Asking here, as I know a lot of people on here make them! I really enjoy the app layout ♥
26/11/2017 21:41
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Happy Food Day!

Happy stuff your face day, to everyone! I have been eating all day, so no art lol I also ate too much, so sleep is creeping up on me fast. I'll try to do some doodles, tomorrow. Or work on some commissions for a forum game, it depends on if I have inspiration or not, to do it.
24/11/2017 03:24

Direction Change

I'm going to be trying to experiment more, both with my style, and what I am capable of doing with my work. I will be working more towards some realism, as well as trying to draw reptiles, as I need some practice with things that I normally would not be able to do. I want to be able to be proud ...
16/10/2017 23:28
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So, if you have contact someone that sexualizes personal or vent art, is it wrong to keep them from seeing any more of your work? I've had to do this with at least two people, and it left me more than a little disgusted and disturbed. I just want some opinions on it. Was it the right thing to do?...
28/09/2017 02:42
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Laptop Is No Longer Useful

Therefore, I can only create digital art through my phone, or digital tablet. Which is a bit frustrating, but it's another huge motivation to get a job. I lost well near 50+ art files, a few being done. I have no interest in recreating them, so, maybe whenever I get a new laptop, I can get a moni...
07/08/2017 06:37
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I keep disappearing, sorry 'bout that. I am still working on art, but I'm going to start uploading multiple pieces at once, so that I have more motivation. I don't know what it is, but uploading art one piece at a time, seems to remove my inspiration. -------- I'm going to get into health stuff...
03/08/2017 07:26

Absence Explanation

HOOOOOOO BOY has a lot happened! But, to keep things short, school, and I have carpal tunnel.
17/02/2017 02:34


Expect less and less activity. If I'm going to improve, I need to self judge. That may not be the best choice right now, with a lot of emotional stuff going on in my life, but I feel that it's best. That's what matters. Improvement doesn't happen through flattery or forced harshness. One has to ...
29/12/2016 06:12

Reason for lack of uploads

To make things easier.... Just watch this: I uploaded a video explaining my lack of uploads, and showing some issues I've been facing with my web browser. It's roughly six minutes long, so it's not too very long. I tend to speak fast, which makes me hard to understand
02/07/2016 21:13
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Important for DA Users

Go read it. Now.
14/06/2016 20:22


So, no tests came back bad. I have a swollen lymph node in my stomach, and I have to wait for it to go away on it's own. Thankfully, this isn't something serious, and can be taken care of easily. However, I'll have to rest a bit over this week end, and I have to deal with pain meds. Bleh.
20/05/2016 13:19
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Heads Up

A little ill, in hospital for testing. Unsure of what's up, but trying to be positive.
19/05/2016 16:38

In Other News..

I finished up a speedpaint, and my mouse is working loads better. Speedpaint link:
14/05/2016 17:34


I won't be able to draw for awhile, because my USB mouse went out, and I do NOT use a tablet. I have no way to draw digitally, now, because of it. That being said, yes, USB mouse's are fairly cheap, but my parents are on a "you want it, you buy it" kick. ||ONE MASSIVE ISSUE!!!|| |I don'y have a j...
14/05/2016 16:20

Emergency Commissions!

To see the full journal, with visual examples of the art involved, see here:
21/04/2016 20:15

Heads Up

I had a minor mishap tonight, and I'm fairly unwell from it. I'm currently recovering from an anxiety attack , I won't be explaining the situation, because it's fairly personal. What I will say is that I will be fairly absent from here, like I have been off and on. I'll still comment if I feel li...
20/03/2016 03:56
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I need to work on my anthro anatomy, fairly badly, alongside canine anatomy+ I want to work on my style, so... What I'm asking is: Can some of you link refs of your characters in the comments? Please specify if there's anything that MUST be added to the character, that isn't in their sheet! Rul...
16/03/2016 04:45

Streaming! (Gore warning)

Want to join? ♥
04/03/2016 22:23
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Sooo, a day or two ago I announced that I had a mild sinus infection, correct? Well... My nausea decided to jump up several notches today, and even after taking my acid reflux medicine, I can hardly hold anything down.
23/02/2016 23:59

Free HEadshots!

See this journal!
22/02/2016 01:52


Thinking of starting a Patreon, thoughts? Interested??
14/02/2016 16:16

Art Event!

Okay, here's the deal.... It's something really special that I'm doing, so I can't give the direct link directly, because, then my special someone will know, AND THAT'LL RUIN THINGS! >:U So, what I'm asking, is, if you're interested in something similar to an art contest (emphasis on similar), p...
13/02/2016 00:32

Valentine's Day Art Suggestions

You can suggest literally anything and everything for me to draw over this weekend. No promises that I'll do all suggestions, but, I will try. Work takes time, care takes effort.
11/02/2016 02:34

Streaming (ONLINE) {} Just messing around in SAI, mostly, but, also working on a few projects.
06/02/2016 19:09

Streaming (ONLINE)

Come watch me draw some disturbing stuff, yo {} Cat Lord is in a creepy mood, man.
31/01/2016 02:52

Art Trades (OPEN!)

See here: Art Trades {} I'm looking for unique, here, not skill!! (Though, skill is A-Okay, too!)
28/01/2016 01:59