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I've Returned!

Published: 23/03/2020 02:45


I zoned into FA and Twitter as places to upload for quite some time, because I enjoy interacting with my audience.

I like to feel like they're not "just followers", you know?

I like to have a connection.

I'm going to be uploading a lot of back-logged submissions probably tonight.

I'll try to be more regular here, but, please don't flirt with me or my fursona, unless I explicitly state that I am comfortable with you doing so.

I had some past trauma resurface, and I really don't like intetactions of being flirted with, or someone clinging to me for attention.

It makes me freak out.

PLEASE do not do that.

I am social, I like interacting with people. Just.... don't be creepy?

Madame Sparx ยท 23/03/2020 03:40

Added, just be kind, to each other and yourself. 

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