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EDIT: This is self deprecating humor, I am not fully upset.

It's just a comedic jab at myself. :3

Honestly, don't let me draw when I'm loopy xD


Derileth · 09/01/2018 06:23 · 6 Replies

awe *hugs* sorry you are lonely

None of my relationships tend to work out either. Almost every girl I have ever dated cheated on me

Madame Sparx · 09/01/2018 06:26

*appreciates hug* I've mostly dated psycho chicks, and rude guys. Like. Am I a magnet for bad people? XD Not really though, my last relationship ended on good terms. We both realized that we just kept tearing each other down, and decided to stop the relationship, before it went too far. We're still friends, which is rare for me. Normally I loathe and torture me ex's, Shayne is an immature being.

Derileth · 09/01/2018 06:29

I do not talk to any of my exes. Only one of them did not cheat on me. My first. It ended on good terms. I have just...lost contact since then.  I mean...that was a long ass time ago. I am 32, after all. The rest just cheated on me, and it has been a long time since my last relationsip. Every girl that took interst in me in the past 4o or so years wound up picking others over me

...and one turned out to be a guy lying to me. Ugh

Madame Sparx · 09/01/2018 06:31

Damn, that seems really rough

Derileth · 09/01/2018 06:33

Yeah. Sorry. I am getting all depressing on you. I should just shut up.

Madame Sparx · 09/01/2018 06:38

Nahhh, you're fine. This is a friendly place. Don't feel bad about sharing your feelings.

Nigel · 09/01/2018 06:39

Nigel · 09/01/2018 06:26 · 1 Reply

I need more hug stickers!

But good sad, self-depricating joke!

Madame Sparx · 09/01/2018 06:28

Oh no xD Self depracating humor fuels me °^° Though, it often confuses people, sadly.

Derileth · 09/01/2018 06:43 · 8 Replies

Bleh. The only person I know who is interested in me right now...well she is married so that does me no good

Madame Sparx · 09/01/2018 06:46

If it makes you feel any better, from a scientific standpoint, that means that a female is interested in you over her mate. You are now an alpha. (Jk, jk. But that is a bummer.)

Derileth · 09/01/2018 06:48

She is very attractive, but I want none of that. I do not want to be involved in some cheating. I have been cheated on. I know how much it hurts. I am not going to do that to someone else

Madame Sparx · 09/01/2018 06:50

I completely understand that, my dude. Cheating is never a good thing.

Derileth · 09/01/2018 06:52

I know that all too well. It left me with...trust issues. Well that coupled with one specific incident that has nothing to do with relationships

Madame Sparx · 09/01/2018 06:53

Trust issues are hard to battle, I wish you the best with overcoming them, what the incident that has impacted you.

Derileth · 09/01/2018 06:55

It is not something that I would bring up here

Madame Sparx · 09/01/2018 06:56

That's perfectly alright. I just wish you the best in tackling it. :3 

Derileth · 09/01/2018 06:58

This incident...not sure it is something I can ever completely escape from tbh

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