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I know that I normally try to avoid doing fan art, but I got really inspired to do something, in this case. (Excited for season four ahhh.)
Honestly, I do enjoy Rick And Morty as some good old fun of (at times) nonsense humor, exploration, and different views on relationships. Morty from season one to season three has definitely changed, and it's interesting to see how cynical and off-beat he's slowly becoming with everything.

I like shows that do this, and show the growth or fall of a character over time, without immediate change. It shows some depth to characters, even in a show as often silly as Rick and Morty.

Character depicted is a feline version of Morty, whom belongs to Adult Swim, Dan Harmon, and Justin Roiland.
I claim no ownership to the character of Morty, or any other characters in the show, whatsoever.

Head canon: Morty has curly hair and blue eyes, Jerry has green eyes, Beth and summer have brown eyes, and Rick's eyes are closer to a grey.

Inferno Blaze · 29/01/2018 21:42 · 1 Reply

I might watch that show now. I didn't watch it cuz it seemed stupid and the voices sounded annoying a little bit

Madame Sparx · 29/01/2018 21:43

I agree on the voices, Morty can be ear splitting, at times. I took awhile to watch it due to Morty's voice, and Rick's belching. You get desensitized to it, at points. The show is definitely silly, which is part of why I enjoy it. It does have depth to it's characters, however.

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