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When you're going through some major doubt and worry, why not reflect it in your work?

This was quite fun to do, and, rather surprisingly only took me two days.

I experimented with a LOT here, and I hope the result of that is a good one.

A speedpaint will be added to this description, soon, hopefully.

Shayne, her design, and her species' belong to me.

Derileth · 26/06/2018 21:40 · 4 Replies

I remember commenting on this....

Madame Sparx · 26/06/2018 21:52

You commented on the WIP ♥

Derileth · 27/06/2018 00:37

Oh. Ok. Well. I love your color work on this hun. IT's gorgeous.

Madame Sparx · 27/06/2018 00:39

Yeahh lol
And thank you ♥
I'm working on my background and affect work, more. With how light and shade interact, type of deal.

Derileth · 27/06/2018 02:02

Well, it really looks good hun ♥



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