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To one of the most important, caring, patient, and intelligent people in my life.
Someone that I am honored to call my friend, my partner, and (hopefully) my future wife.

I've only been with you romantically for a few months, but I've known you for years.
I genuinely love you, and I just.
Melt any time that I'm talking to you or nerding out. It doesn't matter about what, I'm just over the moon to be talking about it with you, and experiencing it with you.

I plan to draw you more gifts and torment you with how adorable you and your sona/OC are. >:3

I love you to death, and I hope that you have an amazing birthday, you blue creature of doom. ♥

Shayne (big orange cat beast) belongs to me
Rin (deer/rabbit cross with tentacles) belongs to my wonderful girlfriend.

Tools used: MediBang Paint Pro, Paint Tool SAI, GIMP, and a USB Mouse

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