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Original ref from 2014: http://fav.me/d80b28s

Extra: she has a tiny "unicorn" horn below her mane. She can make it fully vanish at will. Which is why it is not often seen.

Personality: Cuddeley, talkitive, likes to be around others, can be mischevious, on occasion can be really moody.

Abilities: Can devour, take, or give nightmares. (Same with dreams.) Can change form to be taller, shorter, or can change into a plushie-type critter, can levitate objects for a short amount of time, create short, but realisitc illusions with their horn, hide things thouroughly in their mane, change bone frame to be faster or slower (this hurts quite abit and takes a long time to do properly), change pitch of voice/purr to sound like different objects or beings from what they are, changes eye color with mood.

Extra info?: Has very well groomed and soft mane (hence the major shine xD) Blood has stars in it, or star like lights in it.

Likes: Food, being with friends, relaxing, cuddles, Halloween, hoodies, beanies, space, stars, fruit, hats, stealing socks, naps with others, being a pillow (depending on the situation... xD) younger beings, bear cubs/kittens/puppies/etc.

Dislikes: Strong smells (good or bad), those who are rude without reason, overloads of sugar, having their horns touched (keep in mind that is a sensitive area.... <.< DERP.)), getting stuck in various objects/places, swim suits, baths (prefers grooming or being under something like a shower head). beings taller than themself (should be self explanatory xD), getting scratched/bitten/attacked without reason (durr?... xD Silly me.)

That's all of the basics of Blu. x3

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