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I was thinking last night, before it was the new year.

I came to a wonderful conclusion, that I'm happy I managed to follow:

Leave behind what hurts you. You have no reason to hold anything to yourself if it makes you afraid.
And if you don't move forward, and or forget, you will fall into your past self.
To improve, you must keep moving.
You're not a machine, but a human being.
Keep your head up, fight on.
Even if decisions are tough, you'll still be doing your best.
Your best is better than nothing.

This piece was actually inspired by a nightmare.
Basically I was Flare in her feral form, and I had to cross through a bubbling multi colored river to get to "happiness."


Tools Used: Paint Tool SAI English Pack, a USB Mouse
Time Taken: Around three hours

Character (c) :iconMadMadameFlare:
Flare's CLOSED FELINE species/Scribbley (c) :iconMadMadameFlare:

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