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Ahhhh I was going to leave the other as is, but I forgot her different eyes!
I decided that that needed fixing. ;-;
I also forgot information on Flare... Poor me.


Ran from home planet (Mizaikiai [located several galaxies away from Earth.]) due to conflict on her planet/strong urge to observe other planets and life forms.
That, and she's a Dragon type Scribbley, which aren't very common. 
She wanted to leave to get away from unwanted attention.

-Teleportation (she can teleport herself, and other beings. Some beings up to three or four times her size.)
-Hypnosis (More or less, it's fully controlling another being.)
-Fire breath (doesn't commonly use this one. The fire is usually blue, purple, or black.)
-Can shock things with her claws (She cannot use this one often, as it takes electricity from her body. If she uses it, it will make her very weak.)
-Can bite through and digest rocks/metals/minerals
-Can "accept" vamperic properties (drain blood or life energy from other beings if she is too weak to hunt)
-Shapeshifting (Can change forms to mimic other beings, however, she has a limit of doing so eight times a day.)
-Can pop her bottom jaw out of place (Scribbley can ingest large meals, so they have some snake-like properties. They can also ingest up to five times their weight in a day, and be okay the next. They use their energy up quickly.)

Important notes:
-Female Scribbley have uterine didelphys (or, similar to snakes, they have two of every reproductive organ.)
-Flare is stubborn, but lazy. She gets bored of everything easy and/or will eventually abandon something that bothers her.
-Though she can be ruthless in battle, or when hunting, Flare is fairly kind hearted.
-As an introvert, she will not warm up to new beings immediately. 
-She has allergies to: Pollen, green tea, and raw green peppers.
-She has a soft spot for young animals, but won't admit it.
-She has a somewhat "addiction" to Pocky.
-Flare isn't a big fan of sweets, however, often requires them. (Due to PCOS [it causes insulin to variate in the blood stream] and simply craving caffeine.)
-She often wears dull or dark colors, and evades most bright colors, as they cause her to have headaches or give her eye strain.
-She can see better out of her left eye, versus her right. (Ironically.)
-She may or may not stay the same height.
Often, on her home planet, Scribbley continue growing throughout their lives. However, Earth's gravity and conditions are different than Mizaikiai. So, likely, she'll stay the same height.
-Scribbley have glowing organs and bodily fluids. It's... weird, and neat.
This is caused by a diet of glowing fruits, flowers, herbs, or prey on their home planet.

----I have more to add!-----

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