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Let's be honest, I'd be the best cat lord goddess ever. ('Course, I'd still mostly be around Bab. Screw duties. I have Bab. ...Haaaaa. I WORDED THAT HORRIBLY... <.< )
Unless you touch my stuff. Then you die. *^*
Jk, jk.

More experimenting with style/lineless.

Time Taken: About two hours
Tool Used: Paint Tool SAI and a USB Mouse
Character: Is Flare/my main fursona. Her species, Scribbley also belongs to me. And, no, you may NOT make one without my permission!

I'm off to avoid fuss from parents. Haa...

Let's also note that Flare is blowing space at ya.
Space, man.

*cough* Not explaining things. *rolls away*

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