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Hhh I started working on this Wednesday... Now look at where it is!
Finished with a turrible back ground :,D

No. Seriously.
I hate that back ground. Hisssss.

But, I'm lazy. So. I won't be correcting it, at this moment. 
However, I might entirely revise the back ground later.

Sound cool?


Anyways, Flare isn't crying "blood" perse. 

See, Scribbley have to ingest minerals (often metals or crystals) to stay healthy/keep some of their bodily functions in check. (ex: Being able to blow fire, or keep their fur from constantly glowing.), basically, those "tears" are liquid minerals.
She's probably just really exhausted and looking for some form of comfort. (She can summon different beings and weapons on a spell command [It takes a LOT of energy, though], so I can easily imagine that she summoned the glowing faceless creature in front of her to converse with, or destroy. Likely converse with it.)
Poor Flare. Hhh I want to hug her sometimes, I torture her.


Art Info:

Tools Used: Paint Tool SAI, (maybe some photoshop shhh), a USB Mouse
Time Taken: Somewhere around nine hours or so...?

Art, Flare, and Flare's FELINE species (c) MadMadameFlare !

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