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"Make It A Good One!"

Song (s) that inspired this.. mess lol: The Good, The Bad, And The Dirty by Panic! At The Disco
Soap by Melanie Martinez 

hhhhh okay.

When I first did that pink lighting, IT WAS FUCKING NIGHTMARE FUEL.

This is actually another piece that as meant to be anatomy study, but... You know... I'm me so... yeah lol
I never stick to plan.

Hhh... Damn Flare's scary in this one.

I feel like I should explain stuff.
Okay, so she has a nose bleed because she's using a teleportation spell, which causes her to use A LOT of magic energy (or, mana), and it can cause vessels in the nasal cavity to burst, depending on the size of her "victim."
After effects also include:
Vomiting blood, weakness, fatigue, dizziness, drowsiness, cravings for nectar or honey (scribbley are omnivores, don't judge me), playfulness, pain, and/or temporary loss of speech and vocal control.

Judging by how much light is in that spell, she's using a toooonnnn of energy.
Poor Flare.

Other notes:

Tools Used: paint Tool SAI, a USB Mouse

Time taken: About two hours, I believe

Art, Flare, and the (CLOSED) feline species/Scribbley, belong solely to MadMadameFlare

For more info on the species, check out the group: AllThingsScribbley

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