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Her blood is frosting btw

Yes, she's another fursona.
I have a problem.
I has so many.

About Sweet Cats: [Link] 
(Btw, I had NO knowledge of another species having the same name. I'd like for the OWNER to discuss the issue with me, not a ton of their watchers speaking for them. Words are more genuine from the source.
I expect them to handle this maturely, as it was an honest mistake, and I truly feel horrible about it, but I see no reason to bring down my species atm, as I have made a mistake, and I need to think out a new name for the species, etc.
It's going to take awhile to do all of that.
Do you understand?

So uh....


I really like Chris.
She's qwt.
All basic info is in her sheet.

I'm also trying out a new format for ref sheets.
Yay, or nay?

If you have questions or concerns, just comment.

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