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"I know they say you're a monster
You've got blood in your claws, darling
Stand a little taller
It's okay
You're dark, but light still finds you
You're a drifting rose
Ugly or not, you're still beautiful in an odd way

Nothing shines brighter than you"

Akemii is my child ♥

Ahh I haven't drawn her in forever ;A;

Her name means light lol

I know, I'm cheesey and lame

Anywhoozle, I was really emotional Sunday (every one was fighting), so I started on this piece during that afternoon.

Hhh I love it ;A; So far

I just LOVE painting water and caves and crystals...

I mean, I'm not great at it, but it's fun!

Art info:

Tools Used: Paint Tool SAI and a USB Mouse

Time Taken: Around fourteen hours spread over three days

Layers: Around forty or so hhh

Character and art (c) MadMadameFlare

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