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"Because I know it hurts..."

So, about an hour ago or so, I almost curled into myself from pain.
I WAS doing homework, until I got REALLY fucking awful pain in my right side and... Well.
I know that it's normal with my condition, but...
It hurt worse than it normally does.

Despite taking my acid reflux meds + nausea, I very nearly lost my dinner because the pain hit me like a brick.
I mean.

So, I started sketching a vent head shot, and kind of liked it, so I went on with it.

yes, a lot of Flare's markings are missing, but the purple and blue markings are 100% optional.

Ahh I'll let you figure out the symbolization on your own.
Best of luck!

Art info:

Tools Used: Paint Tool SAI, a USB Mouse

Time Taken: Around an hour

Layers Used: Somewhere around 18

Art, and Flare, belong SOLELY to MadMadameFlare

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