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This was originally a vent, but I got carried away and in a better mood and ahhhh I like this.
I likes it a lot.

Shiny blu lips.

Side note: I did change her lip and gum color, to better fit her color scheme.

Lyrics are from the song: Whore by In This Moment


Female scribbley get verrrryyy aggressive when they require certain "attentions", unlike most mammals, they do not reproduce if they commit sexual conduct.
Females and herms alike, choose when they want to have young. (Luckily, for them.)

Flare's probably just trying to hypnotize her mate into some "fun", which, I doubt he'd fight her much.
(Though, she does like a challenge...)



Art Info:

Tools Used: Paint Tool SAI, a USB Mouse, Photoshop CS6
Time Taken: About 10-14 hours

Art and Flare/the (CLOSED) feline species SOLELY belong to MadMadameFlare !

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