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"I feel so void"

Flare's fears time....

I'm always kind of scared that people realize just how bad my health is, that I'll become obsolete and just not matter anymore. (Flare has the purple under her eyes, because, I basically have that.
Daily. It's from PCOS. I could sleep well for years, and as long as cysts are forming, they'll be there... and, honestly... I hate them. They're part of me. But, I hate them.)

Which... yeah, kinda sucks.

And I'm always acting liek I need constant attention, which, makes me feel worse.

It's like I always need company.

And I hate that part of me, but I feel like that's something that spans from anxiety, which, sucks to have.

I want to be alone, but I don't.

I hate crowds, but I need communication like I need air.

Side note:
My wrist is bugged out, so, yes, this style is VERY different from my norm.
Don't kill me pls.

Art Info:

Tools Used: Paint Tool SAI, Photoshop CS6, A USB Mouse

Time Taken: Two hours...?

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