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"I felt a break in a sacred place where your hands don't heal
These are the reasons you're ruled by the things you fear
Out of the deep waters and all their intricacies
This is the real face of all your enemies

I felt you escape into empty space where my heart can't feel
Down in that darkness, you met all the things you feared
And I knew
I knew there was nothing I could do

Could you stomach it anymore, could you stand to be a breath away
Can you feel the way your face distorts, did you think that it could be this way?
I can hear you from behind the door, I can feel you from a mile away
As you're growing out of my control, will you watch me as I fade away?..."

-Stomach it by Crywolf Ft. Eden

It's a song, and I recommend checking it out if you have the time.

This started out as a vent, and somewhat still is (the meaning of it is personal to me), and sort of turned into a design test.

I can't say I'm displeased.

Art info:

Tools Used: Paint Tool SAI, a USB Mouse
Time Taken: Somewhere around five hours

Art, Shay, and Shay's design (c) MadMadameFlare

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